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Why you should come to Objective-Cologne

Objective-Cologne is the first fully Obj-C & Cocoa community organized conference in mainland Europe. Sure, there’s plenty of “iOS Developer” conferences in Europe (and actually plenty in Germany), but they are:

  • Very often not in English. If you’re serious about this business, I’m gonna hope you’re at least fluent in English.
  • Very often only “national”. So yeah, plenty for only german-speaking*, some for only french-speaking, some for only spanish-speaking…
  • Objective-Cologne is about bringing all European Cocoa Developers together, as one big nation!
  • A lot of those conferences (not Macoun!*) are put together by “Conference Companies”. Those guys do a conference about iOS one week, the next one about PHP, the next one about Java, and maybe the next one about GW-Basic… You know what it means right? They’re only about making money and they don’t “get” it. I’m totally fully *also* about money, but this isn’t what drives me. By far, the “community” is what drives me… As far as money goes, as expected, don’t expect to be a millionaire but running your conference :) At least they way I do it :)

Sure, there’s an amazing conference in “Europe” already since 2009: NSConference! This is - by far - StuFF mc’s biggest inspiration for putting ObjCGN together. The problem with NSConf is its location. It’s only convenient for people living in England. Any other European is faster reaching New York than NSConference ;-) As much as we love this amazing conference.

I’m also very proud to be able to say I didn’t have to “call for paper”, since I “called for my friends" and even though some may see it as a negative point, I see it as a good one. I’ve known most of those guys for years, I’ve seen many of those guys holding talks. I can tell they are awesome, and they will make — together with the attendees — the awesomeness of the conference much more than the guy putting it together. Don’t feel bad if you are someone I know who didn’t speak this year. I’m not gonna “recycle” every single speaker every year, which means I’ll ping some of you in 2013 and ask if you’d like to be a speaker.

Finally, I want this to be a “Crème de la crème" event. This is why I’ve worked like crazy on this for the last 6 months or so, checking every single detail, from the awesome food to the flat-rate drinks (including beer & wine at the evening dinner) to the exclusive Satin Lanyards. I know some of those "details" would be seen as "useless" for some people, but think about this conference as a Cocoa application: every detail needs to be there. There’s a reason why I don’t do an Android Conference ;)

If you aren’t subscribed yet, here’s your last chance to grab a ticket. It’s coming, in just 4 weeks now!

* I love Macoun in Frankfurt, I’ll be there as an attendee again. Still, I’m more keen to share things as well with my friends from France, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia, UK, New Zealand, …

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